Quarter Grades

The 4th quarter grades are in Pinnacle.  If there are any mistakes, please email me.  Grades to not get finalized until next week.  The Project will go in as your Final Exam grade (not a 4th quarter grade).  Those will most likely not be in Pinnacle until next week at some point.

If you need to return a textbook – you can bring it to room 306 to Mr. Coyle or to the Office.



  1. Make sure that you bring your textbooks back tomorrow. it is the last day that I will see you.
  2. The TIME Person of the year Final Exam Project is due tomorrow.
  3. We will be hosting the “Dinner (breakfast/lunch) Party Conversation” during class tomorrow.  Remember it is not required,  but if you would like to bring in food for the project – you may drop it of in my room in the morning.
  4. Make sure any food that is brought in, also has a list of ingredients.
  5. We may run low on cups/plates/etc….so feel free to donate those as well.
  6. Basic Directions will be posted in a second blog post today.  I will explain them to you in class tomorrow!


Letter to a Freshman

Can someone in my 5th period email me or send around the assignment for writing a letter to a Freshman to my classes  I do not know where my hard copy went!  You can also post it in the comments