Current Events P.1


55 thoughts on “Current Events P.1

  1. While I was watching the videos of North Korea in class, I was given the image that North Korea was perfect. When the Americans visited the country, North Korea made sure to make everyone know that there was nothing wrong with them. During the video with the Globe Trotters, they were taken into a room where many people were “working” on “important documents”. When they first walked into the room they were impressed that North Koreans were so hard working, and that they knew how to use the internet. However, the Americans took a closer look and noticed that only one person in the whole room knew what they were doing. All the rest of the people were just looking at the screen confused.

    There are many political, social and economic impacts on North Korea that arose due to the isolation of the country from the rest of the world. To begin, the political impact on North Korea is that the they are a communist government with a dictator. A dictator is someone who controls everything and has total power over a country. Power is wielded in an oppressive and abusive manner. A dictator isolates his/her people, which has a social impact on North Korea. There is no sharing of culture due to this isolation. Finally, this isolation has an economic impact on North Korea. Economic isolation leads to North Korea having their own currency and flow of money.



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