Unit 1

Bad Maps

Unit 1 Vocabulary Terms: Click Unit_1_vocab2017-2018aphg

5 Themes Brochure Information/5geothemestravelbrochure_Directions

Regions and Diffusion Worksheet: unit1worksheet_regions_diffusion

5 Themes and Introduction to geography

Cultural Ecology_climateClassifications_determinism_etc.

Unit 1 Review Lecture Notes: Chapter 1 Overview with AP Review

Kuby Readings: ch01_kuby_truemapsfalseimpressions Map False Impression (end on page 12 – do not do the activity for the case study)

Kuby Readings: Ch02 – HGIA Ch. 2 Regions

Deblij Chapter 1 digital copy from the most updated year: ch-1-aphug-deblij-text1

Map Projections: projections from the USGS

Map Projections: U1 – 3_2 – MAP PROJECTIONS